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Motorcycle Fairings & Body Kits

1):  What i will get with the purchase of the fairing & body kits ?

2):  How long am i suppposed to get my fairing when my order is placed ?

3): What if SureTribe fairings and body kits compared with other fairings on the net ?

4): Can we only purchase single/individual fairing cowls ?

5): Why am i purchase from Suretribe.com ?

6): Can you airbrush the OEM factory color, do you use OEM color code ?

7): Can i custom my design or add my own logo to my fairing ?

8): How you pack the fairings ?


1):  What i will get with the purchase of the fairing & body kits ?

The complete fairing and body kits come with all painted cowls shown as the photos and any small ABS trim plastic pieces, the Honda fairings CBR600RR and CBR1000RR fairings also include tank cover and seat cowl.Suzuki GSXR fairings GSX R 600/750, GSX R 1000 fairings kits include seat cowl with the complete kits. Fairings for Yamaha YZF R1 and YZF R6 all comes with seat cowl and R6 2004-2006 comes with half or complete tank cover. Plus, windscreen, tank protection kits and extra heat shield will be sent to you as a appreciation of your business. Universal install bolts are  included, but your OEM bolts can also be used to mount.

If you have any question to any exact model fairings and body kits, please feel free to Contact Us.


2):  How long am i suppposed to get my fairing when my order is placed ?

All the orders placed before 18 p.m will be arranged to production immediately when the purchase is confirmed by SureTribe, while order placed after 18 p.m. will be produced the next day. When your order is confirmed by Suretribe.com, you will get an email from Suretribe.com for thanks for your order. All the painted cowls and ABS trim plastic can be finished within 5-7 business day, meanwhile, if cosumers want to confirm the color scheme before shipping, the confirmation photos will be sent to cosumers before the fairings are packed for shipping. if there is no need for confirmation, the fairing package will be shipped out to cosumers world-wide free shipping immediately and cosumers can track the status of the orders by loading in their account on Suretribe.com.   


 3): What if SureTribe fairings and body kits compared with other fairings on the net ?

This is a good question and we want all of our cosumers know why our motorcycle fairings and body kits are so different with other fairings on the net and why we are your best source when it comes to your fairing purchase .

Maybe the following is just tedious textual description, but you can know well how we care about our SureTribe fairings, how we care about our quality and how we care about your feeling.

Our SureTribe fairings are all manufactured by injection molds technology just as same manufacturing process as the original factory fairing. The high grade ABS material is melted with constant pressure and injected into the OEM specification molds.Here, i want to make it clear that our ABS materical is imported directly from Japan and the molds we are useing in the production is OEM specification molds, the ABS material and oem spesification molds ensure our fairing oem comparable quality and 100 percent pricise fitment.

When the melted ABS material  is in the molds, then it will be cool, harden and hold it shap in the molds, this primitive panel is uniform in thickness and specification, so, the primitive panel will be light sanded to ensure the surface is smooth and glossy, what the most important is that his process ensure the panel will precise fitment and more resistant to abrasion. this is a crucial process for primer and spray adhere. After sanding the primitive panel, we will prime the surface again to ensure the paint will stick to the fairing properly. In this process, we will primer fairing by spraying some paint and dry it. Couple hours later, the primer fairing will be applied one layer thin coat and we will double check whether there is bumps or flaws remaining on the fairing and do some repair before continue. Many other fairings on the net ignore this process and that is why that are bumps when cosutomers get the fairing finally. But we will double check and wet sand the thin coat and ensure the surface is more glossy and smooth.

When all the preparing work is accomplished, We will apply 3 layers base coat on the fairing. lots of fairings sold on the net only have one coat in this process. in order to protect the paint from extreme weather condition and have the paint durable, we will apply 3 layers clear lacquer coat covering on the base painting.That is to say, our SureTribe fairing are three layers base painting plus triple clear lacquer coats covering on the fairing. Most other fairings only have one base coat and only one clear coat. this kind of inferior fairings can be fade after miles of riding.

When all is accomplished, we will dry the fairing in UV-light solidification machine. After couple hours, the high quality fairing is finished and packed for shipping.the whole process of production is under strictly supervision and inspection

4):  Can we only purchase single/individual fairing cowls?

Yes, all single fairing cowls, individual parts or partial kits purchase are acceptable. Single fairing cowls or partial kits are designed to compliment Suretribe.com fairings and are not guaranteed to match up color wise, or design wise with OEM fairings, or fairings of any other type besides fairings purchased directly from Suretribe.com. All single cowls, individual pieces or partial kits orders are non-returnable or refundable.

5):  Why am i purchase from Suretribe.com ?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new set of fairings for your sportbike, these things include but are not limited to fitment, paint quality, material quality and warranty . It's extremely important to do your homework on the variety of aftermarket fairings available on the market. Don't trust your money with anyone that you have little or no information about who they are and what they offer. The good news is that you are currently browsing the best supplier in aftermarket fairings industry, here on Suretribe.com, you will learn more about what we have to offer and exactlywhy Suretribe.com fairings are the best choice!,why we are SECOND TO NONE !

6):  Can you airbrush the OEM factory color, do you use OEM color code ?

The aftermarket fairings can not be the exact same color scheme with OEM factory look, because no one knows the OEM color code, it is commercial secret. But we can paint the color match up the OEM factory color as much as possible. it is difficuilt to tell the difference between our color scheme and OEM factory color. Our talented airbrushers are capable of doing OEM-matched color schemes. So, if you are looking for OEM factory look aftermarket fairing, Our talented airbrushers can do what it takes to make it right and get you back out on the road!

7)Can i custom my design or add my own logo on my fairing ?

Yes, Absolutely! our talented airbrusher are more than capable of doing OEM-matched color schemes, but they love it when you give them something custom. we offer a large variety of race replica design, we can also add your own logo on your fairing and specify your own style. Just let us know what is your idea and our talented airbrusher do the rest of work for you without any extra charges.

8): How you pack the fairings ?

Suretribe.com strive to ensure all products are carefully packaged before they are sent to the customer. Each fairing piece is professionally bubble wrapped then packed safely to ensure fairings are protected from damage whilst in transit. Foam sheets are then placed on the inside of the box as a form of additional protection.

All fairing kits are placed in a protective box which is made from strong and thick cardboard material which prevents the fairings from being crushed and damaged.