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Welcome to the most famous tribe and we are glad that you made it. The following is the collection concerns from our cosumers, please check it and maybe what you are looking for is just right there. lol

SureTribe is always trying to provide the detailed information that cosutomers may concern; While we also understand that there is no one-size-fit-all answer to all questions. So, if there is any futher information that is not included in the collection, please feel free to Contact Us, our support team is right here 24x7x365 and would like to be of any help !                 


A:  Buying Guide       

  1):  What i will get with the purchase of the fairing & body kits ?

  2):  How long am i suppposed to get my fairing when my order is placed ?

  3): What if SureTribe fairings and body kits compared with other fairings on the net ?

  4): Can we only purchase single/individual fairing cowl ?

  5):Why am i purchase from Suretribe.com ?

  6): Can you airbrush the OEM factory color, do you use OEM color code ?

  7): Can i custom my design or add my own logo on my fairing ?

  8): Can you pack the fairings ?

B:  Shopping Guide





C:  Payment Terms         

   1): What kinds of payment methods do you accept ?    


D:  Shipping & Return

  1): How long am i supposed to get my order at my doorstep ?

  2): What if it is delay in shipping ?

  3): How you ship my order ?

  4): How can i track my order ?

  5): How can i chang or cancel my order ?

  6): How long am i supposed to get my refund ?

  7): Should i pay customs tax for my ordre ?

  8): How should i do if my order was detained by the customs ?

  9): What if i am not at home when the package is delivery ?